Deborah and Benjamin are both Reiki Masters and offer Healing and Attunements at Moontree or in your own home.



30 minutes - £25.00.

1 hour - £35.00

(for initial consultation please allow an extra 15 minutes)


Reiki 1 - £95.00 .

Reiki 2 - £125.00.

Reiki 3 - £225.00

(concessions available)

What is Reiki and where did it come from?

Reiki is a powerful, but gentle and non-invasive, method of helping the body to heal itself at a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

An ancient system of healing, Reiki (pronounced"Ray-key" and meaning "Universal Life-Force Energy") was rediscovered by a japanese scholar and monk, Dr. Mikao Usui, at the end of the 19th. century.

References to this healing technique may be found in Buddhist Sutras (holy books) going back more than two and a half thousand years.

Since the beginning of the 20th. century, Reiki has become widely practised throughout the world, both as a therapy in its own right and as a support for other therapies.

What does Reiki do?

Put simply, Reiki is a way of directing loving, healing energy to a person, animal, plant or situation. One way to visualise this energy is as the life-force that creates and drives the universe and everything in it. The Reiki system of healing is able to revitalise and balance the body's energies, allowing healing to take place.

Reiki usually relieves pain and acute symptoms very quickly, and is an invaluable aid in the healing of a wide range of ailments and diseases.

Each person has a different response, but Reiki will act where the recipient needs it most and always for their highest good.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

A full Reiki treatment takes about one hour - plus about 15 minutes consultation on the first appointment. However, shorter sessions may be more appropriate on some occasions.

The recipient remains fully clothed and lies comfortably on the treatment couch or, alternatively, may be treated sitting in a chair.

Concentrating on the purpose of healing, the practitioner places his or her hands on or close to the body, focusing on the major energy centres or Chakras. The energy is drawn through the practitioner's hands into the recipient's body. The greater the need, the more Reiki will flow.

Many people experience sensations of heat, cold or tingling as the energy comes through, and most people find a Reiki session deeply relaxing.

Is Reiki safe?

Reiki is completely safe. No manipulation of the body is involved. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Reiki is able to complement the action of other therapies, whether "complementary" or "conventional".

No belief system is necessary in order to benefit from Reiki.

Can anyone be a channel for Reiki energy?

Yes. All that is required is a true desire to work in this way. Attunements and training from a Reiki Master enable the student to access the Reiki energy.

Reiki is unique in that it is not "learned", but "received", and it can be much more than just a hands-on healing technique.