Deborah's paintings and etchings are often an exploration of a personal mythology focusing on ancient, nature-based spirituality. She is equally happy working in oils or acrylics. She frequently includes symbolic creatures and shapes within her work and enjoys developing ideas about the interaction between human beings and their land or seascape.

Deborah welcomes the opportunity to paint portraits. The subject must, however, be prepared for several sittings, as she only makes limited use of photographs, preferring to work from life in order to capture the essence of the person.

Deborah creates drypoint etchings using the less familiar "Toray" plates. These were originally developed for commercial offset litho printing, and they remove the need for resin and acid in the process. These etchings are often hand-coloured using watercolours or inks.

Deborah studied briefly at Eastbourne School of Art in the late sixties and took an Honours Degree in Art (with a PGCE attached) at Canterbury Christchurch College in the early nineties. Between the two, she produced and brought up two sons (with some input from David, of course!) - both amazing works of art in their own right. She has worked as a hand-loom weaver, making wall-hangings and designing and producing cloth for garments, place-mats and rugs. Together with David, she was a founder and director of "Cornish Enterprises Ltd." and helped to run the shop in Falmouth.  Deborah has illustrated a book: "The Wheel of the Wiccan Year" by Gail Duff, published in 2002 by Rider Books. In addition to teaching Art in two secondary schools, she has worked in several infant and primary schools as a class teacher. She has organised and led many art and craft workshops for both children and adults. Along with David and her two sons, Deborah is one of the founder members of "Rabble". She has been involved with traditional English music, dance, mumming plays and street theatre since 1986.